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Arul Francis, a disciple of Pandanallur C. Subbaraya Pillai, teaches the Pandanallur style of Bharatanatyam in San Francisco.


The Pandanallur Style in Bharatanatyam

There are three dance gurus from an ancestral dance-teaching family who have made the village of Pandanallur famous for classical dance since the mid 1800s.

These three gurus are Minakshisundaram Pillai, his son-in-law Chokkalingam Pillai, and his grandson Subbaraya Pillai.

These three gurus are very famous in the world of classical Bharatanatyam because they are the leading teachers of the Tanjore Quartet dance compositions.

They have trained some of the most famous dancers in India, as well as the great legends.

The repertoire that Arul Francis teaches consists of the works of the Tanjore Quartet - such as alarippu, jathiswaram and varnam - as well as padams, as taught by Subbaraya Pillai.  




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